At which stage is your program or intervention?

Plan: We support program planning through needs assessment, development of your program's theory and synthesis of existing better practices and trends.

Implement: We help you better understand your programs and interventions by documenting their core components and conducting process evaluations.

Measure & Learn: We help you measure what matters, in an ongoing way, by developing rigorous yet practical monitoring and evaluation systems.

Communicate & Use Findings: We increase use of research and evaluation findings by making them accessible to the right people in the right format.

About Vitus

We aspire to produce useful research and evaluation to drive continuous improvement within organizations. At the end of the day, we want research and evaluation to contribute to people making better decisions about their programs and interventions.

We help organizations in health care, public health, and social services sectors:

  • Integrate research and evaluation evidence into their programs
  • Find and synthesize research evidence that is rigorous and relevant
  • Measure and evaluate what matters
  • Communicate results in useful and timely ways

Our Services

Primary Research: Sometimes data that you need is not already available to you through your existing frameworks or documents. If this is the case, we will help you determine what data you need, then help you collect it and analyze it.

Secondary Research: Sometimes you already have the data that you need, so why re-invent the wheel? Instead of gathering more data, we can help you make better use of what you already have. We will help you dig through your documents and data and make sense of them.

Scans and Literature Reviews: And sometimes what you need is an environmental scan or literature review to understand the current state of an issue. We can help you with that too.

Evaluability Assessment: Do you know if your program or intervention is ready to be evaluated? Certain conditions must exist before any evaluation project is successful. We will help you determine what those are before you jump into an expensive project.

Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks: Let's say you have determined that you are going to develop a new program or initiative. What do you envision this initiative to achieve in the future? What kinds of data about your initiative are you going to need in the future? If you can answer these two questions with clarity, then you can start collecting the data that you need in the future, NOW. But what is the best way to do all of this? How do you go from identifying a Theory for your program to creating a practical Monitoring and Evaluation framework that is going to actually help you collect the data that you need without costing an arm and a leg? We can help you create a solid theory and M&E framework for your initiatives/ programs that meet your needs.

Workshops: We currently offer two interactive and hands on workshops, one teaches you how to build a Theory of Change and the other helps you use your theory to develop a practical Monitoring and Evaluation framework. Doing these training workshops is one of our favorite services because the process is a lot of fun, we also learn something new every time, and we get raving reviews.

Our Team

Depending on the type and scope of the project, we collaborate with other professionals in the field to assemble the right team for your projects.

Roxana Salehi, PhD, CE, Principal Consultant and Founder

Vitus Research and Evaluation was founded by Dr. Roxana Salehi, a researcher and evaluator passionate about improving health of communities. She has worked as a consultant, a research advisor, and an evaluation manager for range of organizations including government agencies, intergovernmental organizations, research institutions, and not-for-profits. Roxana has written extensively and spoken about community issues that we face globally and here in Ontario. She has a PhD in Community Health with a focus on health of marginalized populations and is a Canadian Evaluation Society Credentialed Evaluator.

Roxana provides expertise in:

  • Intervention Research
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Program evaluation and performance monitoring
  • Evaluation capacity building for organizations

Kien Trinh, MD, FCFP, FRSS, Clinical Professor, McMaster University, Medical Director, Boxing Canada

Dr. Trinh is the current Medical Director for Boxing Canada and is the Lead Medical Doctor for the Pan American Games, Oshawa Sports Centre in Toronto, 2015. Dr. Trinh is an attending physician at the Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, McMaster Hospital Site and the Chair of the M.D. Program Admissions at McMaster University. Click here for more information and publications.

He provides expertise in:

  • Evidence-based Medicine
  • Systematic Reviews of Interventions
  • Randomized Controlled Trials

Gordana Brkljaca, Communications Specialist

Gordana is a communications specialist with extensive experience in turning technical information and complex ideas into clear, compelling language. A champion of plain English, she has worked with decision-makers in government and the private sector, helping them communicate with varied stakeholders. Her skills include strategic communication, community engagement, managing partnerships and stakeholder relations. She is a member of IAP2, the International Association for Public Participation.

Behnam Doulatyari, PhDc., Technical Advisor

Behnam is conducting his research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology.
With an interdisciplinary and international professional background, and degrees in applied Mathematics and Geosciences he brings a wealth of experience in:

  • Analytic modeling and quantitative analysis
  • Managing and analysis of large data sets
  • Working with spatially referenced data
  • Project management in multi-stake holder projects

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Dr. Benjamin Seet
Former Chief,
Medical Support Section,
Department of Peacekeeping Operations,
United Nations Headquarters

The strongest testimony of Roxana’s contributions to UN peacekeeping is the two- fold drop observed in malaria incidence in the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), within 3 months of the implementation of her project. Such results can only be achieved through the successful integration of science, good management skills, effective communication, and a realistic appreciation of the mission’s requirements.

Dr. Sarah Flicker
Associate Professor,
York University

Roxana's inquiry into youth newcomer access to sexual health services generated new evidence for policy and programming initiatives... In all interactions, I found Roxana to be professional, engaged, thoughtful, caring and ethical. A joy to work with!

Denise Luck
Planning and Corporate Strategy,
United Way Toronto

The discussion you led [on linking planning and evaluation] was excellent. Very clear, very engaging, well done! The penny dropped for many people during this session and I am thrilled! You provided clarity, critical to all good planning, whether it is community impact work, fundraising, or some internal change you want to [create]. Thank you for a great session!

Workshop Participant

Your workshop was fantastic! Here’s what I particularly appreciated:

  • The soup example was a great exercise to help us understand the specific elements of a theory of change
  • You made the theory of change accessible to those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to learn about it – and have only heard it being referenced in a rather complex and opaque way
  • Your approach was clear, friendly and informative. You may it easy for people to ask questions and provided good answers
I can easily see this being adopted by many of us to help frame up what we are trying to achieve. Thank you so much for your excellent preparation and delivery of this workshop. It is the best example I have seen to-date.

Director, Canadian NGO

Our Board approved the [evaluation framework], there were wonderful comments made about it! Thank you for getting this report to us along with all the engagement internally and with our community partners. [You were] simply marvelous in the presentation and how adeptly you answered questions.

The Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research (STIHR) Workshop

I want to extend a huge thank you, on behalf of all the Cross STIHR Managers and students, to all of you for sharing your time, your wonderful insights, your honesty and wisdom with us. I received many great comments about the [discussion].

Wanda MacNevin
Director of Community Programs,
Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre

What did I like about the workshop? Everything! It was a strong reminder of the importance of this work, the opportunity it gives organizations to better articulate their success.

Stephanie Mazerolle
Project Coordinator at
Promoting Education and Community Health (PEACH)

Amazing facilitation and the accessibility of the transfer of knowledge really helped to unpack the nuances of Theory of Change!

Nathan Stern
Community Projects Coordinator,
York University TD-Community Engagement Centre

The [discussion] was practical and applicable. We worked through examples pertained to our own organization. The [Monitoring & Evaluation] workbook was extremely helpful!

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